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A tax attorney Houston who fully recognizes how big of a problem a tax lien or unpaid back tax issues may be is totally crucial for your success in getting out from beneath the IRS and your back taxes. A tax lawyer can be assigned to your lawsuit who fully recognizes back taxes, tax issues, and tax settlement. Our tax law attorneys and tax lawyers possess the knowledge you can count on to keep the IRS from messing up your life.If you need a tax attorney Houston, tax lawyer Houston, offers in compromise, or need tax relief help for a tax problem of any nature, call Select Tax Attorneys. Our tax law attorneys also offer services for offer in compromise, general tax help, or tax issues of any kind, our tax law lawyers are just one quick and easy phone call away. Don’t risk everything by hiring a cheap or inexperienced attorney. This may be one of the biggest decisions in your life so call Select Tax Attorneys – the experienced professionals in fighting for your rights against the IRS!
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    • We prevent IRS Bank & Wage Levies
    • We can lift most existing Bank & Wage Levies within 24 hours
    • We prevent or lift tax liens
    • Our Experienced Pro’s Work on both IRS Business & Personal tax relief
    • We negotiate Offer In Compromise so you potentially pay pennies on the dollars owed
    • In many cases we Eliminate penalties and interest
    • We quickly stop wage garnishments and remove bank levies
    • We put an end to unbearable payment plans
    • Our attorneys don’t stop there however, we also prepare unfiled tax returns for you

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(832) 369-6732


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